Charitable Trusts

Charitable Lead Trust 
A charitable lead trust pays an annuity or unitrust interest to a designated charity for a specified term of years (the "charitable term") with the remainder ultimately distributed to non-charitable beneficiaries. There is no specified limit for the charitable term. The donor receives a charitable deduction for the value of the interest received by the charity. The value of the non-charitable beneficiary's remainder interest is a taxable gift by the grantor.
Charitable Lead Annuity Trust 
A charitable lead annuity trust is a charitable lead trust paying a fixed percentage of the initial value of the trust assets to the charity for the charitable term.
Charitable Lead Unitrust 
A charitable lead unitrust is a charitable lead trust paying a percentage of the value of its assets, determined annually, to a charity for the charitable term.
Charitable Remainder Trust 
In a charitable remainder trust, the donor transfers assets to an annuity trust or unitrust. The trust pays the donor or another beneficiary a certain amount each year for a specified period. In an annuity trust, the payment is a specified dollar amount. In a unitrust, the payment is a percentage of the value of the trust, as valued each year. The term of the trust is limited to 20 years or the life of the designated recipients. At the end of the term of the trust, the remaining trust assets must be distributed to a charitable organization. Contributions to the charitable remainder trust can qualify for a charitable deduction. This charitable contribution deduction is limited to the present value of the charitable organization's remainder interest.  Revenue Procedures 89-20, 89-21, 90-30, and 90-31 provide sample trust forms that the Service will recognize as meeting charitable remainder trust requirements.